toxicbrain, a small international group of IT Geeks. Well… most of our experience so far is actually based on things like IT-Security, networks, web and systems programming.

“...we are, and always will be, gamers.”

No matter what gaming genre, we love them all… yes, even you puzzle games. We especially love the indie game scene though, because we strongly believe that fun and gameplay are the top priority for indie teams. So we thought, the most logical conclusion was to try to create a game ourselves. A game that we would like to play. No, a game that we would love to play! And let me tell you, what an adventure it continues to be!

Shattered Lives

Release: to be announced
Platforms: PC-Windows
Languages: english

Shattered Lives is a tribute to humanity’s final stand against an alien invasion. No one could have predicted the future of Earth, not like this. Battle-scarred lands are all that remain of the once green and vastly beautiful planet. It’s time to make a stand, and rise up against this evil. Return earth to what it used to be, our home.

Screenshot 001 Screenshot 002 Screenshot 003

VR Fun World

Release: Steam 2016-11-21
Platforms: PC-Windows
Languages: english

Yes! It’s time for our first release (ever!) by the name of VR Fun World! In our VR game created for the HTC Vive VR Headset, players can visit 5 action packed and exciting islands, Trainers Haven, Mighty White Peaks, Woody Meadows, Strategists Perch and The Isle of Sands. Mini-games can be found on each island which the player can explore and have some fun with.

Screenshot 001 Screenshot 002 Screenshot 003 Screenshot 004 Screenshot 005 Screenshot 006 Screenshot 007 Screenshot 008 Screenshot 009 Screenshot 010 Screenshot 011 Screenshot 012 Screenshot 013 Screenshot 014 Screenshot 015 Screenshot 016 Screenshot 017 Screenshot 018 Screenshot 019 Screenshot 020 Screenshot 021 Screenshot 022 Screenshot 023 Screenshot 024 Screenshot 025 Screenshot 026 Screenshot 027 Screenshot 028 Screenshot 029 Screenshot 030