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Asteroid Hideout v2 released!
Asteroid Hideout v2 is now available! We took all your critiques and ideas and rebuild the game!
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Release: "Split"
We released another number puzzle game on the Google Play Store! How are your division skills? Test them!
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Release: "Quick Sum"
We released another number puzzle game on the Google Play Store!
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Split: A number puzzle game
In various board sizes you split numbers by tapping on them. Every 8 you get exactly gives you some score. Each tap adds a penalty, each 8 reduces it. Don't let the penalty bar run full or game will end!
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Quick Sum: A number puzzle game
In this number puzzle game your mission is to sum up numbers on the board by tapping on them and reach the given target value. But hurry up, if time runs out you loose a life!
How far can you get?
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16: A number puzzle game
In this number puzzle game you add neighbour numbers to get a 16 and score. Each move adds some penalty and if a certain amount is reached game ends. You can reduce penalty and get some extra score and gems by collecting bonus fields.
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Asteroid Hideout
Similar to a classic asteroids game you pilot a spaceship through an asteroid belt, but additionally fight waves of enemies. Every hit gives you some score and increases your score multiplier. Go for the highscore! Progress by unlocking more ships and applying upgrades and dive into higher difficulties!
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VR Fun World
VR Fun World includes 16 mini-games. Some of which are about shooting targets, others require physical interactions e.g throwing, hitting or collecting items. Besides the Steam leaderboard, a local highscore for each game keeps the competition fierce at your next game night.
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Under development

Shattered Lives
Aliens from another universe are attacking earth. Their armies are shifted from alternate realities of our home planet. Fight barbarians, roman legions, medieval knights, world war soldiers, mechs and cyborgs. Build bases and outposts, craft weapons and vehicles and fight back the intruders!
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