Asteroid Hideout v2 released!

Hey all,

Asteroid Hideout v2 is now available! We took all your critiques and ideas and rebuild the game:

* New UI: We totally redesigned the UI, it is be better accessible now!

* Levels: We redesigned all the levels, you get more action!

* New difficultiy mechanics: We took out the player health adjust per difficulty and instead put in more and stronger ships the higher the difficulty.

* Upgrades: We reduced the upgrade count and made them more purposeful. Additionally we added unlocks for wing gun, plasma cannon and magnet. Yep, you won't have them from start with this update!

* Player progress: We lowered the needed XP per level, you get all the ships faster now!

* More achievements: You get some brand new achievements to hunt for!

* Lots of minor changes and adjustments

All those changes required us to clear the existing data: your progress, unlocks, resources and leaderboard entries are gone! Though with this update you will have a fresh start and much more fun :-)

Get it now on Steam:

Have fun!

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