Similar to a classic asteroids game you pilot a spaceship through an asteroid belt, but additionally fight waves of enemies. Every hit gives you some score and increases your score multiplier. Go for the highscore! Progress by unlocking more ships and powerful addons and apply upgrades to dive into higher difficulties!

Channel your inner warrior! Only you can save the earth from the relentless onslaught of universe-shifted alien invaders! Load your weapons; mount your combat vehicle; build your automated defence bases and outposts; and test your mettle in this electrifying, open-world sandbox survival game!


15 waves of enemies
5 tiered difficulty modes (including a hardcore mode)
Various player ships to unlock, each has different characteristics
Destroyed targets drop resources
Unlock additional power: wing guns, plasma cannon and a magnet
Global upgrades for health, weapons, magnet
Endless mode after beating all waves
Highscores for each difficulty

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