openworld sandbox multiplayer fps survival game

Aliens from another universe are attacking earth. Their armies are shifted from alternate realities of our home planet. Fight barbarians, roman legions, medieval knights, world war soldiers, mechs and cyborgs. Build bases and outposts, craft weapons and vehicles and fight back the intruders!


Shattered Lives challenges you to use your skills, intellect and resolve to empower your character to defend the earth from time-shifted aliens and their indomitable armies. As a member of the shattered ones, you embark on your own with only a few bare essentials, hoping to survive another day. It’s up to you to take control!

Combining our favorite genre and gameplay elements into one spellbinding environment, we have created a gaming scenario that compels you to gather resources; create weaponry, structures, and tools; and build, upgrade and automate bases and outposts. You will soon realize that only a fearless and undaunted effort will allow you to defeat the aliens who threaten to destroy whatever is left of your life.

Immersed in a stimulating, life-like environment, you will find that you can shape your mission and execute your tactics with precision and focus. Whether you play alone or with your friends, you will be able to take part of an adventure that you never want to end.

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You will spot supply chests and other resources strewn throughout  the landscape among enemies and wildlife. Be sure to seize what you  can; you'll need this loot to survive!

Resource Harvesting

Trees, rocks, oil and alien minerals can be valuable resources for you – some may even be renewable! They are the most precious.


Go out into the world and take a risk! Solo quests can be the most  challenging, but they can also reap the greatest rewards. Be brave!

Base Building

Construct and upgrade your base and then build perimeter outposts to stay ahead of, around, and above your enemies. Don't forget to  include a generator to power it all!


Gather what you need to craft food, tools, weapons, structures and  many more objects. Your ingenuity will help you stay alive.

Creative Mode

With unlimited access to all in-game items, you can build what you want – as big as you want – or just to explore the world around you.

Character Customisation

Create a character and make it uniquely yours! Use the character creation screen to customise clothing, facial, and body elements.

Skill & Tech Tree System

Add skills to improve your ability to survive, reduce recoil on your  favourite weapons, or unlock advanced equipment, turrets and vehicles to give you a competitive edge.


Use special structures and autonomous transports to help you save  precious time and increase efficiency.


Resist  powerful enemies from different universes.


Take advantage of our multitude of firearms, ammo types and fire  modes – all designed to adapt to all types of play styles.


Fight hunger, thirst, hostile animals and aliens. Battle relentless  waves of different enemies and face off against those who are most powerful in an all-out effort to achieve victory.


Vehicles let you move from A to B faster and safer. Jump in and  enjoy!


Work together to execute squad and world missions. Teamwork leads to bigger and better rewards.


Immerse yourself in a remarkable world featuring different biomes

Weather System

Use a simple weather system to light the way, but keep an eye on the time so that you can get back to your base before the light disappears

Living World

Enjoy the thrill of an animal ecosystem consisting of prey,  predators and an animal life-cycle that keeps the world vibrant and active.

Customize your World

Generate beautiful procedural worlds; take control over wildlife and enemy count; or turn up that loot multiplier to advance a little  quicker.

Does this sound awesome to you? Want to have it on your own hardware?! You can! Shattered Lives will come with support for Dedicated or Self-hosted Servers.